Membership University is an online learning center created specifically for membership professionals. Whether your goal is to advance your professional career or to learn strategies on how to build your membership-based organization, our courses are designed to fill the voids in today’s membership growth planning and engagement strategies. 

Who can benefit from the courses offered in Membership University:

Non-profit Leaders, Staff and Volunteers

Church Leadership and Membership Coordinators

Staff and Directors of Professional and Trade Organizations 

Any Member-Based Association Staff Member, CEO, or Director


Check out the courses we offer at Membership University

Generational Values, Traits, & Behaviors

Learn about the values, behaviors, and traits of your diverse group of multi-generational members and what influences them to join in the new era.

Unlocking The End of Membership for Growth in a New Era

Learn why the end of an era, The End of Membership As We Know It, has led to 65% of membership organizations experiencing years of steady membership decline.

The History of Membership

To better understand where we are, it's critical to take a look at where we've been as membership organizations. This course is your guide to seeing the shifts that impact your membership strategy moving forward.

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10-Key Elements for Planning
Membership Growth in Today's Era

10 Key Elements for Membership Growth

Key benefits of Membership University

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Why chose Membership University? 

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions or these have been regular topics at your staff or board meetings, then Membership University is the right learning and strategy platform for you. 

What do we do about our flat or declining membership?

There are no leaders lined up to take the place of those who are retiring.

How do we get our younger members to stay after their initial enrollment?

I’m a volunteer on a board of directors, but don’t quite understand my role in developing membership?

Our organization has volunteer board positions that don’t always understand how to attract and retain younger members.

With our declining membership, our revenue has also been declining. We need a plan to address this problem.

More About Membership University

We are part of the XYZ University family of businesses. Our goal is to be your partner and help guide you to stronger and more engaged members so that your association, organization, non-profit, or place of worship continues to grow.  

Books by Sarah Sladek, our founder and CEO, can be found on Sarah Sladek & Co. Sarah’s books identify the game-changing strategies essential to engaging members in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  

Check out our free resources on this website as well as our seasonal Save the Association Web Shows.  

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