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Message From Sarah Sladek

It is truly the End Of Membership As We Know It!  Generational, societal, and technological shifts have changed how and why people and businesses engage or choose to become a member. These critical value and engagement shifts have led to significant gaps in the traditional membership experience. 

Just take a moment and look at the membership data: It clearly illustrates that the traditional membership practices over the last few decades are not only diminishing in value, but are pushing younger people (under 40) away from associations. And, in today’s volatile environment - the pandemic has both accelerated the pace of change and exposed the weaknesses of these antiquated practices.

I have dedicated my work life to helping associations innovate membership practices and I am offering association leaders my unique membership building skillset to reach and engage younger members. 

Leaders- It’s time to reimagine membership and set a course for building a next-gen membership succession plan for your association. Let us help you to grow your capacity to better engage your members and serve your industry!

Please visit our expanded membership planning options carefully designed to meet the needs and budgets of the much broader association community.

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