The inaugural Global Membership Health Study is here!

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The 2022 Global Membership Health Study is the first independent, global research effort focused on identifying gaps in membership associations and better understanding members' perspectives, interests, and needs.


Here's a snippet of what you'll learn...

Your Membership Challenges Are Shared Worldwide

Members, boards of directors, and staff representing 275 associations in 59 countries from 23 industries participated in the study. The analysis did not reveal any noticeable differences.

Your Members Are More Disappointed Than You Think

Sadly, it is a reality for many associations. The study discovered that members are feeling lower levels of positivity and engagement in comparison to what boards of directors and staff members believe to be true.

Your Lack Of Value Is Driving Members Away

Only 35% of members who participated in the study strongly agreed with the statement that their membership provides a high return on investment. However, 49% of participants who were board of directors or staff members strongly agreed. That's quite a disconnect, wouldn't you agree?

Decision Makers May Not Be Aligned With Member Interests

The study discovered that decision-makers in associations largely are not aligned with member interests and needs. When asked what would improve the membership experience, there were clear gaps identified, and the study also found some trouble spots for you to consider.

...and more!

Do the 8 key findings resonate with you?

It's probably time for your organization to consider how you can discover insights into your unique membership and reverse disengagement as well as declining recruitment and retention. The next Global Membership Health Research will launch in March 2023, and you're invited to participate!

  • Stop your declining membership and engage your existing members better.
  • Measure your perception vs. the reality of your members' experiences.
  • Gain insight on next-gen members and creating a healthy pipeline.

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