Digital Strategy to Engage Your Membership Community

In this ever-changing environment, fueled by rapid digital implementation, associations have been left with a tremendous opportunity to engage and leverage the strong voices within their own membership community, for the benefit of associations everywhere.

Kaleidoscope is a digital experience designed to strategically engage and connect with your membership community, collecting real-time qualitative insight and quantitative data from your peers in the industry, to uncover and share industry and membership best practices. This fuels visioning and innovation for the development and deployment of workforce training strategies to create and deliver must-have value.

Membership leaders need to focus on leading now, more than ever, by guiding their organizations to the best possible outcome over this arc of time. This requires visioning and innovation to plan for the future -- developing and implementing strategies not just for short-term success, but success that will sustain for the next several years.

This is where our CEO, Sarah Sladek lives—helping organizations see beyond the immediate threats, while visioning the more strategic opportunities to grow and serve organization's mission - making a greater difference for your members and industry.

We chose the name Kaleidoscope, because our process strategically engages the broader scope of community stakeholder voices for sharing and coming together into one space.

Just like a kaleidoscope, when differing perspectives are shared, entirely new perspectives and outlooks emerge. The experience is designed to generate idea-sharing and community collaboration, focusing on the development and deployment of our cutting-edge training.

Utilizing community voices allows us to identify key industry insights to deliver must-have value and needs now, while identifying trends to stay ahead for future course planning.

Lead members and industry groups through strategic visioning topics designed to gain knowledge, perspective, and understanding from the group of diverse voices.

Create a micro-learning library that meets the ever-changing workplace needs, offering members access to proven solutions via a self-paced and on-demand platform.

Offer a turnkey solution as the entire Kaleidoscope production and e-Learning platform is managed by our team of experts.

Bring voices together in an innovative way, further positioning your association as leading the industry through crisis and into the 21st century.

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