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Membership is central to an association’s business model. Yet, unlike other professions, there is no “how-to” manual on how to be a successful membership leader and professional. The objectives are clear: Grow Revenue. Engage Membership. But the path to reach those objectives is often unclear. To help address this critical need, I’ve distilled my learning and planning over the past decade to develop the “ Membership University Campus”.  

Ala carte and member options will provide access to our collection of e-learning courses and e-planning courses to develop and advance the career of association leaders and membership professionals. 

Associations you can have your very own Membership Campus!  This partnership option also includes access to our membership coaching and planning aimed at helping leaders, chapters, and teams come together on membership, in a way that your association and industry has never seen!

10 Key Elements for Planning Membership Growth in Today's Era

Self-Paced e-Membership Learning and Education For Association Professionals

Defined Learning Objectives:

  • To introduce and adopt the critical membership element strategies
  • To provide organizations access to step-by-step planning and membership strategy programs
  • To help organizations curb membership decline and grow their membership
  • To educate organizations on membership retention strategies and pitfalls to avoid
  • To give organizations proven systems to build a relevant, meaningful membership experience for their members
  • CAE Credit

Summary of Content/Course:

Shift your focus toward a new-era mindset that will increase engagement within your association, while reimagining and making your membership mission more meaningful! Using the adaptable strategies and tools presented in this course, you will learn how to focus resources to not only attract and retain members, but serve your association’s mission in new and innovative ways.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge about the key foundational elements of successful membership organizations,  and how they can be used to “unlock” significant returns and long-term membership growth reaching your more diverse membership audience.

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10-Key Elements for Planning
Membership Growth in Today's Era

10 Key Elements for Membership Growth