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A podcast dedicated to helping association leaders and membership professionals adapt to the ever-changing needs of their diverse membership community while learning why and what to start doing now in order to reach younger members. My goal is to help you succeed by raising your Membership IQ! New podcasts are added biweekly.

Most Recent Episode: Season 2 | Episode 7

Released: Monday, June 5, 2023

Join host Sarah Sladek on an insightful journey as she explores the impact of globalization and technology on membership associations on this episode of the Membership IQ podcast. Discover how associations worldwide are facing similar challenges, from engaging younger generations to addressing the workforce crisis. Through compelling anecdotes about her experiences in Holland and the lessons learned from the beloved Stroopwafel, Sarah emphasizes the need for associations to adapt and modernize in a rapidly changing marketplace. Gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to meet the expectations of members in an interconnected world. It's time to step up, break free from outdated models, and shape the future of associations.

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