Sarah’s Membership Keynote & Presentation Topics

Speaking Membership For Boards, Staffs, Teams, Your Chapters, or Entire Association Groups Altogether!

For the last decade, I’ve been speaking to association leaders, their members, their chapters & affiliates, and their staff about the importance of a member-centric approach to their business.

Below are just a few of the topics I’ve covered with my clients to help educate them on building a successful membership operation – but I’ve also learned that EVERY association is different. Let’s work together to craft a session that meets your unique needs.

How To Move An Organization Stuck in Membership’s Past 

New generations of professionals are entering the workforce and perceptions of value are evolving. We are definitely at The End of Membership As We Know It, and association’s are still operating with Industrial Era principles that are giving them no chance of growing membership in the Talent Economy. 

In this presentation, I will show leaders and membership teams how to innovate their thinking and approach to membership, learning how to become relevant, valuable, and being nimble to meet the ever-changing needs of their membership and industries. 

Learn why and what you should start doing now in order to reach younger members

Long before the pandemic, major shifts had changed how and why young people engage or choose to become a member of your association. Leaders will learn why and what they should start doing now in order to reach younger members and grow under 40 membership.  Sarah will share strategic practices to help your team(s) reimagine membership, making a one-eighty for a brighter future for your association.

A few of our Clients