One-Eighty Membership Planning for Associations: 180 Turnaround, 360 Support

Research + Visioning + Strategy + Roadmap + Guidance = Membership Turnaround

Our 180 Membership Planning Process provides leaders a proven membership partner to help guide the transition of executing a turnaround for your association.  Using our full suite of proprietary membership planning services, we will lead your association through modernizing membership practices, successfully engaging younger members, and growing membership in today’s era.

Welcome to the One-Eighty Membership Planning Process: Our most in-depth and integrated approach to turnaround your association.

Research: Membership Performance + Next-Gen Engagement + Career Stage Assessment

The One-Eighty Membership Planning Process includes both qualitative and quantitative membership research. Our proprietary process studies the overall member experience and membership performance of your association. Surveying member and non-members, we will connect with your much broader membership community to uncover membership experience and value proposition gaps, and identify untapped growth and revenue-generating opportunities to grow your community. 

Includes the following member and prospective member assessments:

  • Membership Performance Assessment (MPA):

    Measures the overall membership experience and being a member of your association. Identifies gaps in member practices and member value amongst your diverse membership community.

  • Next-Gen Engagement Diagnostic (NGED):

    Next-gen research process for uncovering gaps within young (under 40) professional community-building practices, membership experiences, and membership succession planning.

  • Career Stage Assessment (CSA):

    Measures and assesses industry talent engagement gaps and next-gen pipeline planning efficiencies, while identifying opportunities to innovate membership service offerings and recruiting efforts supporting membership succession planning practices.

Visioning: Future of Membership Stakeholder Retreat

We facilitate a high energy half-day retreat guiding stakeholders through a unique visioning and innovation discovery process, while forging a deeper connection between key influencers and the association’s mission.

Includes a deep dive into the following topics:

  • Organizational Culture
  • Market Drivers and Trends
  • Membership Value
  • Benefits and Revenue
  • Visioning

Strategy: Membership Growth Plan + Implementation Roadmap

Our team analyzes research findings and conducts a data deep-dive resulting in the development of a robust growth strategy rooted in the leverage of market trends, diversified revenues, and community-building tactics. Includes 12-month step-by-step implementation calendar to guide transition and reach year one goals.

Strategy covers these key areas and more:

  • Results of Gaps Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Trends Analysis
  • Membership Value Proposition, Modeling, and Revenue Drivers
  • Launch Timeline Based on Needs Analysis
  • 12-Month Strategy Implementation Guide

Guidance: Change Management & Strategy Implementation Partner

Following the development of the growth strategy, Sarah meets with your team on a regular basis to ensure the successful integration of the plan, provides additional training, and guides your team through any unforeseeable challenges or opportunities that may arise during the implementation process.

 Coaching calls provide the opportunity for a team to:

  • Set measurable goals and have the continual support of an accountability partner
  • Ask questions and receive the support and guidance of an experienced business strategist and membership growth expert
  • Continue the learning process, as Sarah provides additional insights related to best practices and membership growth tactics

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