Proprietary Membership Performance and Engagement Research

Our research includes both qualitative and quantitative membership research. Our proprietary process studies the overall member experience and membership performance of your association. Surveying members and non-members, we will connect with your much broader membership community to uncover membership experience and value proposition gaps, and identify untapped growth and revenue-generating opportunities to grow your community.

Association Membership Performance & Continuity Research Study

Our proprietary research exceeds the industry standard net promotor score to determine association membership proficiency or rating.
We dig deep into the overall membership continuity and performance of the association.

  • Uncovers the broader and diverse community needs and wants of association members and industry non-members.
  • Identifies core membership practice areas of change, “what is” or “will be” impeding your association's membership growth path.
  • Uncovers innovative membership practices and member offerings to create ongoing and sustainable membership growth pipeline.

How we do it:

  • Researching association membership continuity gaps between staff, leadership, chapters, and affiliates
  • Research to determine overall association performance; assessing membership operations, engagement practices, and innovation.
  • Key study areas to uncover gaps and best practices relating to:
  • Contrasting those with boards that represent the broader member audience and rich in career diversity vs leadership teams consisting of mainly late career or retired leadership/board teams
  • Measuring innovation and performance of association leadership teams
  • Identifying effective leadership onboarding and membership education and training
  • Membership succession planning and membership pipeline effectiveness
  • Assessing membership innovative planning practices against membership proficiencies within recruiting, engaging, and retaining early-career member and next-gen members.

Association Member & Industry Non-Member Research Study

  • Member-centric research assesses membership value and analyzes your broader membership communities, targeting both member and available non-member lists.
  • We will identify the varying member engagement cycles within your diverse membership community. targeting both member and available non-member lists.
  • Determining what is influencing diverse member segments' decisions during the process of visiting, joining, staying, becoming an engaged member, and a key association stakeholder and champion.
  • High-level industry assessment uncovering the macro broad engagement and value gaps.
  • Deeper assessment into micro association levels to pinpoint engagement and membership value gaps specific to a country, region, and industry.
  • All research data to be segmented cross-comparison by generation and career stage of members.
  • Uncover must-have member practices to meet the needs and serve today’s diverse membership market. All Research will be segmented by generation, career stage, Industry, and country, as well as association specific

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