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About Sarah Sladek

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For more than 20 years, Sarah Sladek has dedicated her career to studying and researching the membership and engagement shift. She uses this wisdom to help membership professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations change their paths and become successful. Her modern-day membership science and cutting-edge engagement strategies have helped save thousands of membership organizations and associations around the world. 

Sarah devoted her career’s work for membership organizations and associations after she first recognized how certain impending shifts would soon begin impacting organizations. As she dug deeper, she uncovered significant changes in younger member’s engagement cycles, membership values, and behavioral shifts. These shifts have changed why people will join and remain a member in today’s contemporary culture. 

Sarah and Membership University

The programming within Membership University connects all of these concepts and strategies for the staff, leadership, and volunteers of organizations. These courses can be taken as individual learning experiences or team experiences. Within Membership University, you will have exclusive access to proven membership growth planning and engagement strategies. The programming was developed to guide individuals, organizations, and chapter teams through the planning process for membership engagement and growth in easy to follow and self-paced format. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated what was already happening in membership – decline and disengagement. Leaders and teams proved that change IS possible through their adaptation to adverse circumstances. Most organizations were forced to adopt a considerable amount of change, and technology, in a very short period of time and without any prior planning. 


The timing is NOW to learn and change your membership and engagement strategies. Membership University has made it easy to follow step-by-step. Gain the wisdom culled from two decades of research into generational and cultural shifts to build a thriving membership-based organization. 

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